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party wall and neighbourly matters

Works to party walls or against boundaries and / or where specified excavations are proposed can enact the provisions of the Party Wall etc. Act 1996. Where certain conditions are met, Party Wall Notices lead to the statutory appointment of Surveyors to agree works that can affect neighbouring property.

Neighbourly Matters has become a euphemism for the advance and defence of rights by building and adjoining owners respectively. We act for developers and neighbours to identify and resolve potentially costly disputes before they can arise.

Many of the issues centre around rights under common law, prescription or statute and often these intermingle where one party proposes work to property adjacent to, or over, another’s. In confined urban settings the issues can become technically complex and as such Party Wall Surveying requires a high degree of skill and attention to detail together with a confident and open approach between various stakeholders and their legal and surveying representatives.

CS Partnership LLP has practised in this specialist field for many years and typically provides advice to building owners and developers contemplating works that may affect adjoining owners’ interests. In many cases works enact the provisions of the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 and we provide specialist expertise in the administration of this ‘enabling’ legislation.

Other services provided by us include the negotiation and agreement of Access Agreements or Licences to enable the erection of scaffolding and over-sailing cranes.

Neighbourly Matters services provided include:

  • Agreed Party Wall Surveyor to Building and Adjoining Owners;
  • Identify Neighbourly Matter constraints and provide solutions and strategy;
  • Negotiate and agree Access Licences to both Building and Adjoining Owners in respect of scaffolding or crane over-sailing;
  • Party Wall Surveyor to Adjoining Owners who have received Party Wall Notice(s);
  • Party Wall Surveyor to Building Owners to prepare Party Wall Notice(s) and agree works;
  • Preparation of schedules to benchmark adjacent property conditions prior to works commencing.